Welcome to my world - capturing unique moments in time.

I am primarily a nature photographer.  To me however, that doesn't mean that the "Hand of Man" in an image cannot contribute to giving the image scale or interest.  In my experience, the viewer can be "pulled into" the scene upon seeing another person in the image and imagining he or she is actually there.

Growing up with a Kodak Brownie Reflex to current state-of-the art Canon equipment, photography has been a large part of my life.  After retiring from GE, my wife and I operated Kentucky Adventures, a photo tour of Kentucky State Parks.  Transitioning from Fuji Velvia slide film to digital photography was easy and a welcome change. I never looked back.  For ten years I taught digital photography and composition at the local libraries in northern Kentucky.

My work has won many awards and has been used in calendars, books, private collections and by the Kentucky State Parks and Tourism Departments.  I have been a member of Tri State Photographic Society (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana) for 25 years.  My wife and I recently completed a month-long road trip to Alaska - a landscape photographers' dream trip.   Enjoy . . .


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